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For your convenience, we offer the following two ways to get the full version of Savvy Clipboard if you've been using a shareware copy already:

you can download it as a new copy from the App Store,

or just order a registration code to unlock full features in your current copy of Savvy Clipboard.

Welcome to choose either of these ways as you prefer.


Get the Full Version of Savvy Clipboard

A Handy and Non-Intrusive Clipboard Manager for Mac OS X

Thank you for your decision
to acquire the full version of Savvy Clipboard!

You will have the advantage of all its extended capabilities for your productivity,
and at the same time, support further development of this product!

You can get the full version of Savvy Clipboard today for just $14.99.
Please use the suitable purchase option as you prefer:

You can purhase and download a new copy of Savvy Clipboard (full version) from the App Store:

Or, get a registration code for your current copy of Savvy Clipboard to activate all of its extended features:



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