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Update Released: Screen Curtain v.1.3.1

Get a New Clear Desktop Any Time You Need It

Screen Curtain is a little app helping you cover all your desktop icons to get a clear screen any time you need it (to make good and clear screenshots, run presentations, prepare for screen sharing, etc.).

OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

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What's New

This update adds more stability on multiple monitor systems, a smooth display of interchanging graphics as a screeen cover, and contains a few minor fixes.    Review Version Changes >>>

Dear users of the previous version of this utility, you are welcome to get your free update and rate the product on the Apple App Store.

What this App can do for You

Screen Curtain is a small and non-intrusive application that helps you "hide" all your icons from the desktop instantly — and, of course, you can have them back at any time!


Use this utility whenever you need a clear screen to:

  • Make screenshots on a previously prepared background
    That's extremely helpful in software engineering, writing app reviews, creating all kinds of tutorials and documentation, preparing a portfolio, requesting tech support, illustrating your articles or blog posts, sharing your hacks and tweaks, or just presenting anything that may be of use to others!

  • Run a presentation or prepare for screen sharing
    When demonstrated to others, a neat-looking and prepared screen will facilitate interaction and understanding, convey your respect for others, as well as show that you do care about what you are doing.

  • Concentrate on one task and reduce distraction
    With this little tool, you'll be able to better concentrate on a task, without the multitude of background icons standing in the way. You can also use it to relax for a few minutes and refill your energy. This may contribute much to your productivity.

  • Have your desktop intact
    No need to make changes to your regular desktop in case of some short-term tasks: you can quickly prepare a new clear desktop instead, while all your icons and files remain in place, and you can "remove the curtain" to have them back when needed.  

How It Works: User's Guide Online

What's New in Versions 1.3.1 and 1.3

Version 1.3.1 adds the following fixes and enhancemnts:

  • Improved stability on systems that use multiple monitors
  • Correct display of interchanging images from a custom folder
  • Several minor fixes added

Version 1.3 comes with the following improvements:

  • Adds support of animated image formats (APNG and GIF)
  • Supports interchange of images from a given folder

Dropping and Raising a "Curtain"

When you run Screen Curtain, it places a small icon in the menu bar in the top right area of your screen. Whenever you want to hide your current desktop, click this icon and select "Drop Curtain".

This will hide away all the icons from your desktop. Yet, the content of your regular desktop will remain intact and still available: you can access the Desktop folder quickly by double-clicking the clear desktop.

When you want your regular desktop back with all its icons (after you made your screenshots or performed other intended tasks), you can restore it easily: click the menu bar icon again and select "Raise Curtain".

Also you can use a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+D by default) to toggle the "Curtain".

Curtain Settings

The menu bar icon also lets you call the Preferences dialog to make some important settings as needed.

The Preferences dialog lets you set up the parameters for the curtain that will cover your desktop to hide all its icons.


If you use multiple Spaces ("multiple desktops") on your system and would like to have all of them covered with the "curtain", make sure to check "Cover All Spaces" in the program Preferences.

If you use a multiple-monitor configuration, and for a specific task, you need to have a clear desktop on each of the screens, the option you'll want to check is "Cover All Screens".

Custom Look

By default, the app will use the same settings (color and/or background image) that you've made for your regular desktop. This corresponds to the Preferences option called "Use system wallpaper settings".

If you'd like to customize the visual look of the "curtain" to make it best suited to your specific task, switch to the option called "Use custom settings". This way, the Preferences dialog lets you change a background color or select a background image that will cover your desktop with all its icons.

To change the system default (grey) color to a custom one, juct click the color field and use the extended color picker capabilities to specify the desired color.

To apply a background image that will be displayed on the "curtain" covering your desktop, click the "Choose Picture" button to browse to the desired image file, or just drop the needed picture onto the picture preview box. The drop-down menu next to the picture box lets you make a picture display setting. It contains common display options (Fill Screen / Stretch / Tile) that you can select depending on the picture and the effect you would like to see.

The "X" button lets you remove the background picture setting if you'd prefer to have no picture on the "curtain" at all. If no picture is specified, then a solid background color will be applied, which may also be extremely suitable for a number of tasks.

Custom shorcut

To customize the keyboard shortcut click a text field titled "Toggle Curtain Shortcut" and press a new keystroke.


This app is designed to take up minimum screen space, displaying only a small icon in the menu bar that lets you access all the needed commands and options. Yet, if you find it convenient to use and control it from the Dock, you can use Preferences to check "Show Dock Icon" as you prefer. This will make Screen Curtain available as a regular icon in the Dock (as many other apps display), which, among other options, lets you set this app to Open at Login if you often need it for various kinds of tasks.

In case the Dock icon is no longer needed, you can return to the minimized interface: just uncheck "Show Dock Icon" in the program Preferences.

Product Support and Feedback Sharing

For any questions in addition to what is covered in this Online User's Guide, or for any technical support requests, you are welcome to email or contact us via our support page. You are always welcome to contact us with your comments and opinions regarding this application.

If you find Screen Curtain helpful and would like to help others benefit from its capabilities, too, you're welcome to rate this product on the App Store, drop a few lines on a software review site, or just share a link to this page on your favorite social media channels.

Thank you for using Screen Curtain, and welcome to check out more of our products designed to be helpful for your productivity!

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