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Savvy Clipboard

Adds multiple Clipboard capability by storing a list of items you copied to the Clipboard. More Info >>>

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Core 2 Duo or better
Shareware ($14.99)

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Services You Can Get from BlitzClick Software

For your specific needs related to productivity, process automation, image/design support and documentation, you can order custom services from BlitzClick Software.

Our reliability and competence will let you outsource such tasks and get professional products at offshore pricing levels. You will also feel comfortable during the implementation of your task order, as we ensure competent project management, clarity and efficient communication.

Custom Software Development

To meet your productivity and process automation needs, we can create custom software solutions taking into account all of your specific requirements. The custom software will help you boost the performance in your professional operations.

What we offer is ultimate quality and usability of custom applications, full correspondence to the Customer's needs, development process management and control, attractive cooperation terms, and the deep experience of the development team.

Also, we are open to participation in software development projects.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Develop applications for Mac OS X, iOS and Windows.
  • Develop cross-platform applications, as well as port Windows applications to the Macintosh platform and vice versa.
  • Create applications utilizing raster and vector 2D graphics intensively, including the effective use of CoreGraphics on the Mac. Also, we can work with 3D graphics and OpenGL. On the Windows platform, the applications can utilize WPF and DirectX.
  • Develop browser plug-ins for Safari and Firefox, as well as WebKit-based applications for Mac. We can also create Internet Explorer plug-ins (ActiveX) for Windows.
  • Create Client-Server multithreaded Mac/Windows/Unix programs.

Tell us about your needs by email or contact us from this website.

Graphic Design and Application Icons

Willing to get the appealing and functional graphic design for your advertising / presentation materials, Corporate Identity, or creative ideas?

Or maybe you need professional artwork for your applications, including Macintosh-style icons?

We can do this for you! Please feel free to email a request or contact us from this website.

Web Design

If you want to have a professional representation on the Web, our Web design team can create a website that will be convenient and attractive to your Target Audience. The functionality of the website will be carefully designed to meet your needs and purposes.

We offer a complete website development process starting from the concept and requirements analysis, through specifications, information structure planning, design and programming, up to usability testing and support.

The design and development team will convey the very "look and feel" that you want to offer to your Audience, as well as effective and clearly readable content presentation.

Also, you can order the redesign or further development of an existing site, and a usability assessment of your website (including a brief FREE assessment).

Any questions? Want to see other examples of websites in addition to this one? Or want to order a website? Please send your questions and requests by e-mail or contact us from this website.

P.S. Oh, and you can get Flash elements and professional-looking Flash banners for your website and promotion.

Technical Writing

We can help you with the following technical writing and localization needs:

  • Professional documentation (Help Systems, User's Guides) for your products;
  • Articles, descriptions, text for booklets and other materials on your products and services;
  • Localization of software products and user's guides, as well as professional reviewing;
  • Creating foreign-language versions of your websites (English / French / Russian / Ukrainian, and other languages upon your request);
  • Development of presentations and training materials.

You can rely on our experience with these tasks. Our previous projects include the tasks performed for companies in such areas as software, computer hardware and other equipment, transportation, construction, training, publishing, etc.

In technical writing and localization projects, we focus on making the material clear and convenient for your Customers.

Welcome to contact us with your questions and requests by e-mail or via the form on this website.


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